Long overdue post – Hotstuff got her MC license!

Oh my, this is long over due!

Mid october was a milestone for the world-traveling Project. Hotstuff aka Tonje finally got her motorcycle license! Woho!

Those of you who have followed this blog know that we had a fantastic 14 day motorcycle trip in late august / early september. With no license we drove around with huge L signs stiched to our yellow reflective outer vests, helmet intercoms and each our bike. Yes, Hotstuff did buy hers at the same time I got mine in may 2013. 🙂 5 months later she had license in hand.

The process was a long and drawnout thing, much to be blamed on the fairly inept and uninspired first driving school. And switching Schools mid-season is not very easy due to lack of local qualified teachers. Some time early next year she and I will post a proper blog regarding the school that actually worked, but for now, thank you so much Peder at Skagen Trafikkskole, Stavanger. We are greatly impressed with the level of service, professionalism and standard! Lucky are those that choose, and can find a vacant spot, for their MC licence at this school 🙂

Imagine the happiness of actually stripping the L-sign from our driving gear and then hitting the streets! 😀

Fall has been very busy, almost too much so. But now things are back to normal, and more frequent post will be forthcoming. Some about new mechanical dispositions and a bit trial and error, but also an important update on some major route-changes.

Stay tuned.

Ride what little there is left of the season and be safe.

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